Kumanii Christian Center

Located on the banks of the Cayapas River, this Christian center is bringing the good news of Christ; In addition, it provides medical aid services through campaigns in the region.

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Quito School of Biblical Studies

The QSOBS is a Biblical Institute located in Quito, Ecuador; that prepares men and women for ministry in the Church of Latin America. It is an international institute, each class has students from different countries. The study includes three years of a rigorous ministerial, biblical, and theological training regimen.

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Bellevue Camp

The Bellevue Christian Camp is located in the city of Tabacundo, Nuevo Amanecer sector (Ecuador). It has been a great blessing to families in the community, providing targeted homework assistance for children Tuesday through Friday. In addition, on Saturdays, around 130 children receive Bible education, through: devotionals, songs, plays, Bible classes, games, etc.

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Virtual chapel

Despite the time in which we are living, the church does not stop its message, nor its support for people in need. Therefore, the EQEB opens its doors through the so-called "Virtual Chapel", here those who wish can enter the different services that are offered, such as: Pastoral counseling, Evangelism - Biblical studies, Prayer, and a special room for ladies «Between us» The opening hours are every day from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. If you want more information click here. See more